| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

“Lebanon has never had such a political vacuum in its history,” says Amin Gemayel

After his meeting with Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al Rahi, former President of the Republic Amin Gemayel confirmed: “In light of the harsh conditions that Lebanon is facing, my visit is a nostalgic one. In Lebanon’s history, there has never been a political vacuum, nor has there ever been a full absence of leaders from their political duties.”

“We will not give empty speeches, because the people are tired of this, attitudes and conclusions, and all they want is to live in dignity and stability, which is not available inside Lebanon. Our responsibility today is to focus on building a future for our country, and this is what I discussed with the Patriarch, hoping that we can reach a solution with the Lebanese leaders that secures the minimum savior for Lebanon,” Gemayel concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International