| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Maalouf: Whoever votes for a corrupt, is a corrupt himself

Member of the powerful coalition of the republic, Representative Cesar Maalouf, said that “Whoever votes for a corrupt is a corrupt himself, whoever elect  an iniquitous, is an iniquitous himself. Whoever votes for a person or a party affiliated with abroad, is an agent himself. Whoever sells his voice out of poverty, is cheap or poor-minded. ”

He added via Twitter: “Humiliation at gas stations, especially in Zahle and the Bekaa, and all the problems that citizens are facing daily have many reasons. Again, and again we reiterate our stance that solving these problems has only one way: “vote with conscience and patriotism in the parliamentary elections.”

He continued: “Whoever humiliates himself once, by tagging a price on his vote, will be facing a daily humiliation by someone who will tag the cheapest price on his dignity.”