| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Mahfoud: ” This category has become the nation’s curse.”

Head of the Change Movement, Elie Mahfoud, tweeted: “With spites, you will not build a state, and with narrow conceptions , you will lose all the remaining elements of existence,  and the external punishment is continuing as long as you do not want to understand that Hezbollah militia’s rule has put Lebanon in a situation worse than that of Gaza and Yemen. Maronites are the ones to bear the biggest responsibility, for the sake of power, they have ruined the republic, this category has become the nation’s curse”

Lebanon is heading towards a total collapse as it has lost more than 85% of its currency value, while people are groaning under the burden of the worst economic crisis in its history, which coincides with political failure in forming a government, and thus, impeding many of the services that should be provided to the citizens