| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Mahfoud: This is how Lebanon’s destroying scheme was executed.

The head of the Change Movement, Elie Mahfoud, said, “This is how the scheme to destroy Lebanon and the collapse of the Lebanese Republic took place through a hellish mind to destroy the Lebanese infrastructure and it is based on four aspects: cheating, thuggery, intermediary , favoritism…. This was enough to collapse the Lebanese dream, and what they did not achieve in war, cannon and occupations, they succeeded in doing it through hitting the level of education and cheating.

He continued, via Twitter, “This is how the patient dies at the hands of a doctor who obtained his licensee without merit … and buildings collapse because their architects  succeeded in thwart … and the state becomes impotent and people lose their savings because the financial auditor is fraudulent … and justice is lost at the hands of a judge who entered the corps through a mediator … and the failed school teacher entered educational field on the recommendation of his leader, thus, inevitably ignorance would spread. ”