| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Mahfoud to “Sawt Beirut International”: Qordahi is just a “hidden” detail of Hezbollah and those behind it

The Lebanese-Saudi relations have a deep story, which began before Lebanon’s independence, during which the Kingdom extended a hand of good to this country that has gone through several crises and wars, and Saudi Arabia was the bond and supporter for it, but “Hezbollah” appeared and began to spoil this relationship until we reached what we are today.
The head of the “Change” movement, Elie Mahfoud, considered via a phone call with “Sawt Beirut International” that “there is a special relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, which transcends diplomatic traditions and mutual material interests between brotherly countries, until the Kingdom became strongly present, during every storm that blew up against Lebanon, out of its keeness to preserve the sovereignty of this country.”
Mahfoud considered that “the reason behind the escalation taken by the Kingdom, goes beyond the statement of the Minister of Information, it is Hezbollah’s dominance over the joints of the state, and Qordahi is only a hidden detail of Hezbollah and its successors.”
Mahfoud affirmed that “the kingdom has not abandoned its relationship with Lebanon, but it can no longer ignore the contradictory facts for which Hezbollah bears responsibility because of its dominance over the Lebanese decision by force of arms, and protecting corruption.”
He stressed that correcting foreign relations is part of the reforms that must be instituted, saying: “If the Arabs, and even the entire world, if they do not return to Lebanon, we cannot regain part of our activity,” stressing, “We refuse to be part of the Iranian hegemony.”
Mahfoud concluded, saying that there is no salvation from this situation in Lebanon with the presence of Hezbollah’s weapons, achieving what the Lebanese aspire to in terms of security, stability and prosperity, requires first disarming this weapon.