| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Major General Ibrahim: I hope a president will be elected before my term ends.

Major General Abbas Ibrahim said: “I will not undertake any presidential initiative, and I do not think of carrying out mediation at this level. The division in the Parliament must be replaced by consensus in order to elect a president.”

He added via an interview on MTV: “I hope a president will be elected before the end of my term and the term of my colleagues, so that new leaders for the agencies are appointed. However, extending the retirement age for general directors is being discussed in the corridors of Parliament, and they have the right to decide what suits the public interest.”

“The deteriorating social security must be reflected in the security in the street, as the increase in citizens’ demands, which are right, will inevitably affect their behavior in the street and elsewhere, but security in general is controlled,” Ibrahim said.

As far as demarcation is concerned, Ibrahim pointed out that “the maritime demarcation gave a very positive impetus, and Total is supposed to start its work in the spring, and the hoped-for economic breakthrough needs time, but it will reflect positively on everything in the country.”

Ibrahim concluded, “I was not asked to mediate on the issue of transmitting the World Cup, but I am ready for any role that brings joy to the hearts of the Lebanese, and we were all pleased as Arabs, with the victory of the Saudi national team.”

  • Sawt Beirut International