| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Major General Rifi to Mikati: You are the head of a dysfunctional government

A delegation from the Sovereign Front visited Major General Ashraf Rifi in his office in Tripoli.

Rifi delivered a speech in which he said: “Welcome to Tripoli, the city that is the model for coexistence and the city that is the model for patriotism and masculinity, and the city of Lebanon first, the city that has paid dearly and is still defending a free, sovereign and independent Lebanon.

For the sovereigns to gather in Tripoli, this indicates the unity of common convictions and constants and a common future, and we will complete the road hand in hand. Dear friends: The influence of the occupation can only be answered in the language of civil and civil resistance, not by bargaining, nor cohabitation, nor by repeating the failed experiments, which enabled Iran’s project to engulf Lebanon, destroy it and turn it into a failed state and a rogue state.

This is what we witnessed after “Hezbollah” imposed the election of General Aoun as President of the Republic, then formed governments over its interests and approved the strange and strange election law, so it took control of the state and kidnapped it in favor of the Iranian project, and we are now seeing the disastrous results, as the “Hezbollah” system destroyed the economy with corruption. Organized looting and quotas, and the party saved its system from the inevitable fall at the hands of the revolution of the Lebanese people on October 17. Today we see the same scene repeated.
Therefore, I call from Tripoli for the departure of this system. Chief among them is the president of the era of Hell, Michel Aoun.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat