| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Makkawi: Municipalities are allowed to secure the vaccine through pharmaceutical companies

The Governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Muhammad al-Makawi, issued a circular bearing the number 331 / E / 2021, according to which “municipalities can secure the Corona vaccine through licensed

“In light of the continuing spread of the Corona pandemic and the paralysis it causes in public and private facilities, and the advanced role that municipalities have played and are assuming in protecting citizens from the risks of the emerging corona epidemic.

Whereas, to keep pace with the national campaign of immunization carried out by the Ministry of Public Health and the licenses issued by it to a number of pharmaceutical companies to import vaccines that have obtained approval for use in Lebanon. Whereas, the municipalities did not delay in participating in assuming their responsibility for the citizens within their scope, and many of them initiated the request for approval to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies licensed by the Ministry of Public Health to import the Corona epidemic vaccine in order to speed up vaccination campaigns in the municipal area and strengthen community immunity.

Therefore, the district office in the districts of Mount Lebanon Governorate is requested to urge the municipalities and their federations that have the necessary capabilities to negotiate with the Lebanese pharmaceutical companies licensed by the Ministry of Public Health in order to secure quantities of the vaccine for citizens residing in the municipal area, provided that the vaccine is approved by the Ministry of Public Health and in accordance with All approved conditions and standards, This is in coordination with the competent authorities and in accordance with the mechanism established by the Ministry of Public Health, especially with regard to the centers where people will receive the vaccine, without deviating from the framework specified exclusively by the Ministry of Public Health, provided that the relevant procurement contracts are submitted to the supervision and certification of the competent administrative authority.