| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Mawlawi to “Al Qabas” Newspaper: Lebanon needs the solidarity of its Arab brothers

Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, confirmed in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al Qabas” that “Lebanon needs the solidarity of Arab brothers with it, especially in the current stage,” and explained that “Lebanon will work to establish distinguished and excellent ties with its brothers, the Arabs, namely with Saudi Arabia, based on what was stated in the Lebanese constitution, in terms of Lebanon’s Arab identity and affiliation.”

“Our duty is to take all the necessary measures to preserve the regime, security, and safety of our Gulf brothers, regardless of any demand for guarantees,” urging the Lebanese to be fair towards its brothers, as the Gulf States host hundreds of thousands of Lebanese nationals, which serves the economy.

He thus called for “strengthening and maintaining relations with the Gulf.”

He pointed out that “since the crisis occurred, he demanded the removal of any glitches that disturb or threaten the Arab countries in their security and societal safety,” noting that he was the first to ask Minister Kordahi to resign, which annoyed some.

Mawlawi stressed that “meetings with the security services are periodic and continuous, be it with the Information Division or with the airport security and customs agencies, in addition to following up on administrative frameworks with regard to food companies that could be taken as cover for suspicious operations.

In response to a question about fears reflected in international reports that the security situation will be affected by social collapse and fear of security chaos in the coming stage, Mawlawi stressed that “security is still largely stable,” and stated that “there is no doubt that the security situation deteriorates whenever the living conditions decline, but despite all that, there was no increase in crime rate, except for minor thefts, which are under follow-up.”

He stressed that he will work to achieve the parliamentary elections within the framework of the law, without siding with one party over the other, noting that the elections will be carried out on time and there is no reason to prevent that. “With the fall of the appeal, Lebanon is bound to adhere to the amended shortened deadlines.”

He concluded his interview by welcoming the visit of Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, “which falls under the title of saving Lebanon from collapse first, and urging political forces to care about the people and get out of political strife, in addition to stressing the importance of the parliamentary elections in translating the popular will and thus getting the country out of its ordeal.”