| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Medical Gathering: “We are in dire need for equipping field hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients”

The head of the “Social Medical Gathering” and representative of the “International European Middle Eastern Medical Association,” Professor Raef Reda, revealed that there are some cases that arrived through the airport that require isolation until the results of laboratory tests were issued.”

Reda called for “the dire need to prepare field hospitals for treating Covid-19 patients following the large surge in number of infections and deaths, due to the failure in taking a decision for general lockdown, non-adherence to preventive measures, and false laboratory tests in some laboratories regarding PCR, especially since some of them are not qualified to diagnose the Omicron, which spreads quickly.”

Reda said: “Establishing field hospitals equipped to receive Corona patients is the shortest way to prevent a health disaster. The Ministry of Public Health should request an international assistance to build these hospitals before it is too late, knowing that the community immunity we have reached does not exceed 40%.”

  • Sawt Beirut International