| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Mikati: Council of ministers convened under law, constitution

Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, on Monday announced that the Council of Ministers convened under the Lebanese law and constitution, adding that the cabinet has approved most of the items that had been listed on its agenda.

“The Council of Ministers has performed its full role in accordance with the law,” asserted Mikati, calling for “separating politics from all the governmental work required to serve people’s affairs and address pressing issues that concern citizens.”

“We are all in the service of this country, and we are cooperating to surpass this very difficult stage,” Mikati added.

Mikati’s words came during the cabinet session, which was held earlier today at the Grand Serial.

In the wake of the session, Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, delivered a statement in which he listed the items that have been approved by the cabinet.

Touching on the controversial customs dollar, Makary affirmed that “it has not been dropped, yet there are many items whose discussion has been postponed to another session in the hope that it witnesses a bigger number of ministers.”

However, Makary added that there were many urgent items and issues that couldn’t afford any more delay.

“There are dues that must be paid, otherwise the Lebanese state will have to pay fines. I think everything is clear; you have all the numbers, and all the items that have been approved,” Makary added.

Regarding the taxes that have been imposed on a wide segment of people, he said, “Of course, the Minister of Finance will reconsider this matter because it has been faced with a lot of objection.”

  • NNA