| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Mikati in the confidence session: We pledge to develop a plan to reform and restructure the banking sector

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said during the reading of the ministerial statement in front of the House of Representatives: “The words we are saying alone do not solve the suffering of the Lebanese, and we will depart from the classic sayings and move towards serious work.”

He continued: “From the womb of suffering, and from the heart of the suffering of Beirut, which was destroyed by the explosion of the fourth of August, our government emerged to light a candle in this dark darkness and ignite the flame of hope.”

Mikati added: “With determination and a will to say that we are able, yes, we are able, by combining all sincere efforts in this beloved country, and this hope we saw in the eyes of the Lebanese who headed towards us as a lever of salvation for what they suffer.”

He considered that: “Lebanon is in the midst of a stifling economic, social, financial and living crisis, in which the country has reached the verge of complete collapse and has not witnessed anything like it in its modern history.”

He pointed out that “in the face of the severe crisis that Lebanon is experiencing and the accompanying collapse of the national currency and a significant rise in commodity prices, the majority of the Lebanese find themselves in a state of alienation from political positions and debates.”

And he added, “We affirm our commitment to implementing Resolution 1701 and continuing to support UNIFIL and its demand from the international community to put an end to Israeli violations and permanent threats to Lebanese sovereignty.”

Mikati stressed that “we are committed to the armistice agreement and strive to complete the liberation of the occupied Lebanese territories and to defend Lebanon in the face of any aggression and to adhere to its right to its waters and wealth through various legitimate means,” calling for “the resumption of demarcation negotiations in order to protect and preserve the Lebanese maritime borders from all sides.”

He stressed “the absolute support of the army and all security forces inside.”

Mikati stressed his intention to “correct salaries and wages in the public and private sectors and work to close illegal crossings, God willing, in addition to strengthening border control and reducing tax evasion.”

He added: “We pledge, as soon as we gain confidence, to immediately resume negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.”

  • Sawt Beirut International