| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

Minister of Communications: The tariff adjustment not for profit, but ensure the sector continuity

Despite the crises and the economic deterioration that the citizen is going through, and the significant increase in prices from which no sector is spared, here is the telecommunications sector that will undergo this change through an increase in the tariff that Minister of Communications Johnny Al-Qurm discussed today with officials in “Alfa” and “Touch” to amend Service Tariff.

The issue of amending the tariff for internet and communication services and the prices of prepaid cards, were discussed in order to provide the continuity of the telecommunications sector and prevent it from collapsing as a result of high cost prices.

During the meeting, Qurm stressed, “We do not aim to achieve profits, but rather to ensure the continuity of the sector and also to stand by the citizens and support them, by keeping them connected to the network.”

He added: “We are working diligently and transparently to secure internet and communication services, taking into consideration the citizens’ dire economic conditions.”