| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Minister of defense welcomes army commander, says efforts underway to alleviate financial difficulties

Minister of National Defense, Maurice Sleem, on Tuesday affirmed “the great role that the Lebanese Army plays in preserving the nation’s security, stability, and safety, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances that we endure at all levels.”

Sleem then asserted that serious efforts were underway to alleviate the financial difficulties faced by the military and their families.

The Minister’s words came before a delegation comprising Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, at the head of members representing the Military Council, who offered him well-wishes marking the New Year.

The meeting reportedly focused on the general situation in Lebanon and on the soldiers’ efforts and sacrifices to maintain stability and public safety.

Minister Sleem also welcomed on Tuesday the newly appointed Head of the Military Court, Brigadier General Ali Al-Hajj, to whom he provided instructions on “the necessity of implementing the principle of justice, impartiality, and equality in handling files and speeding up verdicts.”

“The realization of justice can only be regulated by the authority of the law, away from double standards, in order to preserve the military court as a distinct legal edifice that establishes justice in its rulings and does justice to each defendant,” Sleem maintained.

  • NNA