| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Minister of Economy : Citizens’ funds shouldn’t be used to settle losses

Amin Salam, the Minister of Economy, stated that “the issue of food prices is the obsession of every citizen,” as we have witnessed this obsession with the decline of the dollar exchange rate.

In a television interview with “LBC,” he emphasized that “since I took office, I began holding meetings with the Syndicate of Importers and Supermarkets and listened to their concerns,” adding that “we were keen, through these meetings, that the vision be clarified through the trade balance.”

“As a ministry, the scene has been clarified from two sides,” Salam said. “The first is that the issue related to the supermarkets concerned, which shows that there are approximately 150 supermarkets, and there is communication with the ministry and a commitment to their prices, and we promised the supermarket Syndicate Head that with the decline of the dollar, we must find a fair price for their products.”

“The great challenge is that there are approximately 22,000 supermarkets that do not belong to the Syndicate and are established across Lebanese regions,” he said. “We are trying to communicate with them through the ministry’s representatives, and as a result, the price reduction mechanism is being delayed.”

“The price that we sought to adopt is 15,000 Lebanese pounds,” Salam confirmed.

  • Sawt Beirut International