| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs discuss expatriate’s right to vote

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities Judge Bassam Mawlawi held a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Abdullah Bou Habib to discuss expatriate’s right to vote in the Parliamentary elections.

After the meeting, Mawlawi said: “Bou Habib’s visit to the Ministry aimed at directing the preparation of the joint committee between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior regarding expatriate voting.”

“We have assured that the registration of expatriates will start at the end of this month. Tomorrow, the joint committee will be prepared to discuss the methods of implementing the law, determining seats, and voting for expatriates,” said Mawlawi.

He said that the ministry will be in continuous cooperation with Minister Abu Habib, who is fully keen on expatriate voting under the legal conditions and with complete freedom.

Bou Habib said: “Rumors have been circulated in the country about the possibility of canceling the voting rights for expatriates. This is not our specialty but our tasks are limited to implementing the current law. If the law changes, we will implement the new law.”

  • Sawt Beirut International