| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assign 17 ambassadors, 32 consuls and advisors

The Lebanese have become convinced that there is no financial and structural aid before reforms are implemented and the international community restores its lost confidence in the country.

Lebanese officials have turned their back to Arab and Western worlds and imposed automatic isolation, which have paralyzed the diplomatic sector, and led to the closure of many consulates in the capitals of large countries, and made expatriates suffer greatly as a result of the abandonment of their mother country.

Diplomatic sources told Al Markazia that preparations have begun at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assign new ambassadors and consuls after a long absence as a result of the Corona epidemic, as well as the political conditions that prevailed in the country.

According to the information, the formations will address some positions including the Secretary-General Hani Shmaitili, after the dispute that broke out between him and the former Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zeina Aker, and prevented her from entering the office.

The sources added that the Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib has briefed Prime Minister Najib Mikati, about the reality of their portfolios, and the reality of the Ministry due to the confusion that hit state institutions and the work of the diplomatic corps at home and abroad, as well as the damages of the ministry’s building as a result of the explosion of Beirut port.

Mikati and the minister agreed on ways to reactivate the entire diplomatic sector by conducting wide formations within a period not exceeding two months, including 17 ambassadors and 32 consuls and advisors, including Shmaitili to be appointed later, at the request of the Future Movement, as an ambassador to a major country, in place of an ambassador who was recently retired.

It was learned also that the two parties said it is not necessary for the general secretariat to remain affiliated to a certain sect, as the presidency of the court, which was part of the Orthodox quota and has become the Sunni sect.

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