| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Ministry of Health on alert in Tripoli.. ‘Cholera epidemic has not ended!”

The Ministry of Public Health announced that, “immediately upon receiving news of the registration of some cases of diarrhea in the center affiliated with the Association for Social Services for the Elderly in the Abu Samra area in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, a team from the epidemiological surveillance program and a health team for emergency intervention went to the place, accompanied by the head of The Health Authority in the North, Saad Sabouna, and the Tripoli district doctor, Rabih Amoun, in cooperation with the Red Cross, which dispatched two teams.
It indicated in a statement, “Immediately, the ministry team began conducting the necessary rapid checks, as it was found that there were cholera infections. The concerned teams classified the patients, and those who had symptoms of diarrhea were isolated from the rest of the elderly, and fourteen people were transferred to Tripoli Governmental Hospital, as a precautionary and proactive measure, to prevent any deterioration in their health status, knowing that the condition of all of them is stable,” adding: “As for the rest who did not show any symptoms of infection, and their number exceeds two hundred and fifty people, the continuous vaccination process has begun, until the task is completed.”
The Ministry emphasized that “all concerned parties must work to establish quick and effective solutions to secure clean water and purify wastewater, and ensure that stale water does not mix with running water, because confronting cholera is a shared responsibility and requires addressing the causes, not just the results.”

  • Sawt Beirut International