| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

More than 500 correspondents covered Vatican’s Day of Meditation and Prayer

British writer John Phillips in an interview to the National News Agency (NNA),  commented on yesterday’s “Day of Meditation and Prayer for Lebanon” called by Pope Francis, and was held at the Vatican, with the participation of ten representatives of the Lebanese churches, by saying: “Rome has not witnessed an event of such magnitude since the beginning of the Corona pandemic spread, and the Vatican has never dedicated such an event for the sake of one country alone, Lebanon has returned to the forefront of the world media.”

More than 500 correspondents in Rome and at the Supreme Pontiff have broadcasted Live this event, Italian newspapers and visual and non-visual news bulletins covered this world event.

La Stampa, the largest Italian newspaper, wrote on its front page: “Yesterday in the Vatican, Pope Francis held a special prayer for Lebanon with Lebanese Christian patriarchs. The Pope called on the international community to ensure that the country does not collapse, but rather embarks on the path to recovery.

The newspaper pointed out that the Pope said that this “will be in the interest of everyone” and that he encouraged “Lebanese citizens not to be discouraged or lose hope.”

As for “La Repubblica” newspaper, quoted the Pope’s words to the Lebanese: “Even during the most difficult moments throughout the centuries, you have always distinguished yourself by your resourcefulness and cleverness.” It stated that he called on Lebanese politicians to “find urgent and lasting solutions to the current economic, social and political crisis.” The newspaper pointed out that “Lebanon is in the midst of a political and economic crisis. Since late 2019, the country’s currency has lost more than 90 percent of its value, and people’s life savings are locked up in banks that have imposed discretionary capital controls. The financial collapse pushed half of Lebanon’s population below poverty line, according to the World Bank.”