| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Mukhtar Kfardebian denounces robbery witnessed in town

Mukhtar Kfardebian Wasim Muhanna, denounced in a statement the robbery and theft the town is witnessing.

He said: “Our town is witnessing a series of dramatic robberies. Last night, a house in the center of the town and on the public road, was stolen, and this is very dangerous as we didn’t witness such practices during the domestic war.”

Muhanna added that motorcycles are moving all day long, as well as cars including strangers who monitor neighborhoods. There are also trucks that collect metal and iron and vans that collect plastic, plundering everything.”

Muhanna added: “We are fed up, and we have to put strict measures in place, as we aren’t able to be bear any damages, treachery, or calamity that may affect our citizens in the town.”

He called on the townspeople, “to take all preventive precautions in their orchards, properties, and  equipment, and to install cameras if they have the financial ability.” He asked them not to hesitate in informing the security forces of any suspicion, or inform the municipality.

  • Sawt Beirut International