| 4 July 2022, Monday |

“Ogero” will raise the tariff on the first of July

Today, Saturday, the Ogero Authority issued a statement saying: “In accordance with the decree to increase the telecom tariff that was approved by the Council of Ministers on 05/20/2022, the tariff schedules will be updated on the website early next week.”

The statement added, “Billing, according to the decree, begins on July 1, 2022.”

The Council of Ministers approved, during its last session yesterday, raising the telecommunications tariff, starting from the beginning of next July. Where he agreed to the offer of the Minister of Communications, Johnny Al-Qarm, to amend tariffs and fees as of 1/7/2022, with an emphasis on what was mentioned in the minister’s proposal in terms of linking the amendment with packages and special offers, with people with limited income, and that a ministerial committee would be formed to reformulate the decree in light of the opinion State Consultative Council.

The Minister of Communications also presented the topic of reducing about 42.65 million US dollars, fresh, from the cost of operating the two cellular networks.

The Minister of Communications, Johnny Al-Qarm, had indicated earlier that “we have two tariff decrees present in the Council of Ministers. No one holds me responsible for the collapse of the sector if the new tariffs for Ogero and the cellular sector are not approved, because it is a necessary step and the situation is no longer bearable,” considering that it will be “ The last chance for the Council of Ministers to prevent the sector’s collapse by approving a deliberate hike in tariffs for Ogero and the cellular sector,” noting that “I came to improve the sector and not to be a false witness to its collapse, and if the two decrees did not approve the two formulas I presented, the option of resignation is on the table.”

  • NNA