| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Okais to citizens: Be prepared to take to the streets

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP George Okeis, called on citizens to “stay ready to take to the streets, in case it was proven, that intentions are to disrupt the elections,” considering that it is “a basic station and a prerequisite for change, because there will be no change with the current ruling authority, and it will pave the way for every change.”
He said via “Free Lebanon” through “Interrogation” program: “I do not see real hope except through the judiciary. We can bring an important government that makes an independent decision and is not subject to external forces, adding that the big lie that is called consensual democracy has only brought calamities on Lebanon and waves of disruption and prevents any real progress or reform.” Affirming that “the judiciary is not paralyzed, they are waging the battle with some honorable judges who are not subject to political whims and who are subjected to a very large attack by judges who belong to a political group.” He asked: “How do we give the honorable people the upper hand? Through the rapid passage of the Judicial Authority Law.
Okeis said: “What is required today is to ensure that parliamentary elections are held, to prevent the corrupt authority from confiscating the opinion of the Lebanese, and for Europe to assist the Lebanese government in its negotiations with the IMF, because of its paralysis caused by Hezbollah’s control and for the short duration of its life.”
He called upon the “Tayyar” to “admit the mistake of signing the memorandum of understanding with Hezbollah, and to say that it was disappointed with its ally.”
Okais concluded: “Mikati’s plea to protect the government is not investing properly, and the government must be gathered, and port Beirut file and Judge Bitar should be neutralized. We are a hijacked state that does nor resemble instituions at all.