| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

“Okaz” publishes audio recordings of Minister of “Diplomacy” Abdallah Bou-Habib’s statements

After what “Okaz” newspaper reported about “obtaining from its own sources, statements by Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib to a group of journalists, regarding the recent diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia.” And after Bou Habib response considering the statements that the newspaper was talking about as “fragmented and erroneous narratives, that adds oil to fire in order to inflame attempts to build bridges of convergence.” Okaz decided the matter, by publishing a tweet that included the minister’s audio recordings.

Okaz had indicated that “the office of the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs sought to prevent the spread of statements, and tried to beg the journalists present at the minister’s session, not to publish them.”
It continued: “The recordings showed his hatred against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and his harmony with the malicious propaganda promoted by the leader of the Hezbollah militia and his supporters in Tehran, which contadicts his secret stances against what he shows publicaly, and his quest to demonize and undermine the Gulf states, as he began his speech with all impudence and abuse to undermine the Gulf states, infringing their sovereignty, and making irresponsible accusations against the Kingdom, in a way that reflects the orientations of his country’s political system according to the visions of the party under Iranian tutelage.”