| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Pharaon from Maarab: To unite ranks as much as possible

Head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, met at the party’s general headquarters in Maarab, former minister Michel Pharaon, who confirmed that “We are living in dark, difficult and dangerous days that remind us of the wars’ worst days” pointing out that “in the past, the Lebanese were paying the price for I sraeli policies and greed, while today, we are paying the price of regional disputes and confrontation between Iran and a number of countries, which prompted Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi to demand the neutrality that we supported, knowing that the obvious position of Lebanon and the natural position of all Lebanese is on the side of friendly Arab countries.”
Pharaon considered that “this conflict’s repercussions have reached the livelihood of the Lebanese, as the stability of the country began to be disturbed since 2011. The team that reached the presidency took advantage of these conditions in order to achieve its ambitions, with the escalation of quotas, and exacerbation in the level of corruption in the country, and also the banks that plunged into this cycle of corruption.”
He indicated that what we are witnessing today is a result of the situation that has taken place since 2011, whether with regard to what happened in Ain al-Remmaneh “Mini May 7” or the attempt to undermine the dignity of the Lebanese as a result of their living conditions. He also hoped for a quick issuance of the indictment in the port explosion file, noting that a senior official in one of the security services may be involved and bear Big responsibility in this explosion.
Pharaon talked about the propability of threats facing the parliamentary elections, adding it is normal to be on the same course with the “Lebanese Forces”, and stressing on the importance of uniting ranks in the face of the very violent regional storms that are blowing towards the heart of Lebanon, in the presence of a team that is ready to do anything in order to preserve its illegal regional weapon, even if it is necessary to explode the political situation in Lebanon.