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President Aoun awards “Mayass” troupe Lebanese Gold Medal of Merit: Your strength, distinguished performance, and meticulousness enabled you to present artistic painting beyond imagination

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that the strength of the Lebanese band “Mayass”, distinguished performance and accuracy in work, brought the band’s members to this image of harmony and enabled it to present artistic paintings beyond imagination and achieve this global success in the name of Lebanon.

The President pointed out that since the beginning of his follow-up to the performance of the band, he was sure of its victory, and decided to honor it in appreciation of the success it achieved for Lebanon and to encourage its rich offerings.

President Aoun’s positions came while awarding the band, the Lebanese Order of Merit in appreciation of its bids and winning the first rank award in the American global program America’s got talent in its seventeenth edition.

The ceremony was attended by the band’s coach Nadim Sherfan, the band members and their families, and a number of technicians and administrators, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, Pierre Daher, former Minister Salim Jreissati, the Director General of the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Antoine Choucair, and the advisors, Rafic Shelala and Roula Nassar.


At the outset, the Director General of Protocol and Public Relations at the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Nabil Shedid, gave the following speech:

“Over successive nights, the hearts of the Lebanese beat with joy, as they followed a “dazzling dance that surpassed creativity”, according to what was reported by the international media, in the global American program America’s Got Talent in its 17th edition, known for its great level.

This creativity, which was crowned with first place by a judging panel, and the vote of an international audience, stems from Lebanon. Lebanon was carried overseas by the young Lebanese man, Nadim Sherfan, who formulated his dreams into the fact that Lebanon is a surprise, and remains the making of wills that are beyond the power of difficulties.

Formulation has been complemented by young Lebanese women, most of whom are students in institutes and universities.

There, in the heart of the United States of America, the most dazzling maker of contemporary art, the “Mayas” band not only carried Lebanon with it, but also presented breathtaking paintings, on the tunes from here, in which the pulse of the sun of Lebanon and the serenity of its snow who crowns his cedar.

It is the message of Lebanon that is full of the best pictures of life, carried by the “Mayas” band, as a coach, young women, and officials, to the ends of the world, and it excelled in the name of Lebanon and for it.

In appreciation of this fine artistic achievement, and in encouragement for more generous giving, His Excellency, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, decided to award the Lebanese band “Mayas” the Golden Lebanese Medal of Merit”.


“Mayass” coach Nadim Sherfan thanked President Aoun for honoring the band and awarding it the medal.

Sherfan said: “Today I am more than proud, happy and raise my head with this medal that the Lebanese Republic, represented by President Michel Aoun, awarded to this band, because it deserves appreciation, especially through the fatigue exerted by every girl in this band and every team”.

“This proves that as Lebanese, if we meet despite all differences, overcome differences and stand by each other, we can reach this result. I dedicate this medal to every mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother and grandfather in this country, who work hard and cry in order to give a decent life to their children and not to leave this country. I give you this medal because you deserve it. Lebanon without its people is worth nothing, just as the people without their country are worth nothing. Mayass promises you that our cedar and our flag will remain on our heads from above, and we will complete this journey, and we will not stop at this point” Sherfan continued.

Sherfan also addressed the young members of the band by saying: “You know how much I love you. I thank your parents for the trust that they have given me since the first day, to travel and cross the seas with your daughters”.

President Aoun:

For his part, the President welcomed the audience, and pointed out that he followed the “Mayas” band during its beautiful dance performance, expressing his admiration for this performance.

President Aoun said: “When a person starts following your performance, he does not believe that he is watching a Lebanese band performing with such beauty. I expected you to win from the beginning, because your performance has exceeded imagination”.

“I appreciated the effort of this group and the qualities that brought you to this level. You are certainly distinguished by your strength, performance and accuracy with which you work to reach this harmony and order. Through these qualities, we can appreciate the effort you have made to reach this result” the President continued.

“You were able to achieve all this success, and this is not a simple matter, and in appreciation of that, and for the result you achieved for Lebanon, I immediately took the decision to honor you for the success you reached and awarded you the Lebanese Gold Order of Merit, which is the highest medal awarded to the distinguished in Lebanon. Again, you are welcome” President Aoun concluded.

At the end of the ceremony, souvenir photos were taken.

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