| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

President Aoun meets a delegation of participants in the conference of the world organization for the dialogue of religions and civilizations

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that “Lebanon, with the composition of its people and the plurality of its religions and sects, constitutes a model to be followed in coexistence”.


“Lebanon is most capable of serving as an example of convergence and dialogue in the world” the President added.


President Aoun also stressed that his quest to establish the “Academy of Man for Convergence and Dialogue” is still ongoing, and studies to achieve it have not stopped despite the suspension of the project to build the academy and its affiliated college due to the circumstances that Lebanon is going through.


Positions of the President came while meeting a delegation of participants in the 21st annual conference of the World Organization for Interfaith Dialogue and Civilizations, today at Baabda Palace.


The conference was held yesterday in Lebanon under the slogan “Lebanon is the human academy for convergence and dialogue”.


At the beginning of the meeting, head of the organization, Professor Mukhles Al-Jedda, spoke on behalf of the delegation, and pointed out that the conference’s slogan stems from President Aoun’s efforts to establish the Human Academy.


Al-Jedda emphasized the need for all international organizations concerned with dialogue to activate the process of establishing this academy.


Then a number of members of the delegation commended the efforts of the President, which led to obtaining the support of the United Nations for the establishment of the Human Academy for Convergence and Dialogue.


In conclusion, the delegation presented the shield of the organization and the gold medal as a patron of the dialogue of religions and civilizations.


MP Boustany:

The President met MP Farid Boustany, and discussed with him latest developments and and economic issues which concern the Chouf region.

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