| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

President Aoun: The judiciary is not in charge of investigations; conviction is decided by a final court judgement

“Investigation is not the judiciary,” said General Michel Aoun, President of the Republic. If the investigation was flawed, there are three steps to fix it: the First Instance, the Appeal, and the Cassation. As a result, investigations must continue in order to condemn the guilty and acquit the innocent.”

“If a normal trial consists of two phases and one exceptional phase, the judicial investigator’s decision to refer the case to the Judicial Council, as well as the Judicial Council’s judgment, precludes any form of appeal. However, the final court judgement, not the investigation, determines whether a person is convicted or acquitted.

President Aoun’s positions came through a Tweet on his Twitter accounts, today.

Information Minister:

The President received Information Minister, George Kordahi, today at the Presidential Palace, and addressed with him political and governmental affairs.

Ministerial affairs, in addition to affiliated institutions and Tele Liban issues, were also deliberated.

After the meeting, the Information Minister said that “Now is the time for work and production, not for talking”.

“Shura” State Council Chairman:

President Aoun met Shura Consultative Council Chairman, Judge Fadi Elias, and discussed with him the progress of the council’s work, at the beginning of the judicial year.

Supreme Defense Council:

The President will chair, today at 3:30pm, a session for the Supreme Defense Council, devoted to discuss the health situation and the possibility of extending public mobilization, which ends tomorrow.

The session will be attended by Premier, Najib Mikati, Ministers and heads of security apparatuses, and will be followed by a Cabinet session.

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