| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

President meets UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, says Israel’s contract with drilling company contradicts path of indirect negotiations

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, told the Special Coordinator of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Lebanon, Ambassador Joanna Wronecka, that “After the new government gained confidence, Lebanon will begin negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, aiming to find practical solutions to the current economic conditions in accordance with the plan for economic advancement which is referred to in the ministerial policy statement”.

The President also pointed out that “In conjunction with these negotiations, work will be done to address the electricity file that has been frozen for a while, and to rebuild and rehabilitate Beirut Port while removing the effects of the catastrophic explosion that targeted it last year”.

President Aoun also indicated that attention will focus especially on social aspects and addressing poverty cases experienced by a high percentage of Lebanese families, as well as achieving monetary balance in the country.

Then, the President affirmed that parliamentary elections will take place on the scheduled date on May 8, in an atmosphere of democracy and transparency so that the Lebanese voters at home and abroad can carry out their duties freely and responsibly. “We welcome any assistance that the United Nations can provide in this field” President Aoun added.

In addition, the President reiterated Lebanon’s commitment to implementing Resolution 1701 in all its aspects, adhering to its rights to its waters and natural resources, and the desire to resume indirect negotiations to demarcate the southern maritime borders.

“From here we expressed our objection to the Security Council and the United Nations over Israel’s recent signing of gas and oil exploration evaluation contracts with an American company, because this step contradicts the path of indirect negotiations hosted by the United Nations and US mediation, which requires freezing all exploration-related work in the disputed areas awaiting the resolution of the unconditional negotiation track” President Aoun stressed.

Moreover, President Aoun welcomed the partnership of the United Nations in the reform programs that the new government will study, pointing out that forensic audit process began after the signing of the contract and will include in the first stage the financial accounts of the Banque du Liban, to include later departments, ministries, institutions, councils, funds and other bodies.

Afterwards, President Aoun informed Ambassador Runesca that he will deliver Lebanon’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly next Friday afternoon, Beirut time, via satellite, because internal conditions forced him not to travel to New York, in addition to the necessity of keeping pace with the start of the government’s work.

For her part, Ambassador Wronecka had congratulated President Aoun on the formation of the new government, and stressed that the United Nations organizations will work with the government in order to achieve what was stated in their ministerial policy statement, especially with regard to reforms and holding parliamentary elections within the specified time, in addition to continuing to support the army and institutions, Lebanese security forces and the provision of necessary assistance to them.

Ambassador Wronecka also pointed out that the Security Council will meet on November 9 to be briefed on the situation in Lebanon, especially after the government was formed and gained confidence in the light of the work program it submitted. —-Presidency Press Office


  • NNA