| 27 May 2024, Monday |

President receives credentials of Ambassadors of Malaysia, Switzerland, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Iceland, Rwanda

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received the credentials of six new accredited Ambassadors to Lebanon.

Ambassadors are: Malaysian Ambassador, AZRI MAT YACOB, Swiss Ambassador, Dr. MARION WICHELT KRUPSKI, Iraqi Ambassador, Haidar Shaya Gobeshi Dilimi Al-Barrak, Dominican Republic Ambassador, ELVIS ANTONIO ALAM LORA, Iceland’s Ambassador, UNNUR ORRADOTTIR RAMETTE, and Rwandan Ambassador, MIRONKO NTAMPAKA FIDELIS.

The ceremony was attended by Foreign Affairs Minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Hani Shmeitly, Protocol Director General at the Lebanese Presidency, Dr. Nabil Chedid, and Protocol Director at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ms. Abir Ali.

As the Ambassadors arrived at the Presidential Palace, the approved ceremonies were held and the Army music played the anthem of each country represented by the Ambassador, while flags were raised at the mast, alongside the Lebanese flag.

Then, each Ambassador saluted the flag and was accompanied to the 22 November Salon, amid two rows of spears where credentials were presented to President Aoun, and members of the diplomatic mission were introduced.

Upon departure, the Army music played the Lebanese national anthem. Ambassadors had conveyed the greetings of their Presidents to President Aoun, and wished him success in his national responsibilities, assuring their work to strengthen bilateral relations between Lebanon and their countries.

For his part, the President had also conveyed his greetings to the Presidents and wished all Ambassadors success in their new diplomatic responsibilities.

Ambassadors’ Biographies:

Malaysian Ambassador AZRI MAT YACOB:

-Holds a license in public administration from the National Institute of Public Administration in Malaysia.

-Fluctuated in several administrative positions, as worked as an assistant secretary for West Asian and North African affairs at the Malaysian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

-Appointed second secretary of Malaysia’s embassy in Morocco, and then first secretary of the Malaysian embassy in East Timor.

-Appointed as a counselor at the Malaysian embassy in Japan.

-Appointed as an assistant official to the Secretary of Communication and Diplomatic Department at Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


-Holds a doctorate in public international law with distinction, and a law degree with distinction from the University of Zurich.

-Fluctuated in several positions, where she worked as a legal secretary at the Zurich City Court and the Zurich Cantonal Court of Appeal, before being appointed as a diplomatic assistant in the Africa and Middle East Department of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Bern.

-Appointed an envoy of the International Organization of the Red Cross to each of Rwanda and Tunisia.

-Appointed as a diplomatic advisor at the Swiss embassy in Washington, before she was appointed as the assistant head of the Department of Public International Law of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in the capital, Bern.

-Appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to New Zealand.

-Appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Dakar.

Iraqi Ambassador, Haidar Shaya Gobeshi, Dilimi Al-Barrak:

-Holds a BA in English literature from the College of Arts affiliated to the University of Baghdad, and a BA in Law from the College of Law affiliated with the University of Babylon.

-Holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Khazars.

-Fluctuated in several administrative positions, and appointed as the first deputy in the former Iraqi Governing Council, before being appointed as an ambassador in the office of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

-Appointed Iraqi ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria.

-Appointed head of the media department of Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and appointed as an ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

-Appointed head of the Africa department Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before he was appointed head of the political planning department at the same ministry.

– Appointed Iraqi Ambassador to the Republic of South Korea.

Dominican Ambassador ELVIS ANTONIO ALAM LORA:

-Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Science, and pursued diplomatic studies at the Diplomatic and Consular Training Institute in his country.

-Fluctuated in several positions. Assumed the position of Deputy Secretary of International Relations in the Modern Revolution Party, and was responsible for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey in the management of the mentioned party.

-Appointed Dominican ambassador to Turkey.

-Headed the Elm-Tejeda Construction Company.

-Taught in several universities and higher institutes.

-Published two books: “Between Two Loves – Stories of Travelers to Lebanon”, and “A Lebanese in San Pedro”.

-Married to Mrs. Hala Hariz and has three children: Chantal, Charbel and Lara.

-He is of Lebanese descent from the Koura district.


-Holds a BA in Commerce from the University of Iceland.

-Appointed as a commercial advisor at Iceland’s embassy in France.

-Appointed as a consultant to the Department of Trade and Economics, where she assumed the task of negotiating on several issues, including negotiations with the European Union. She has also undertaken advisory missions in this context with Poland, Russia, Germany, China and Japan.

-Appointed Director-General of the Department of Trade and Economy of her country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Reykjavik.

– Appointed her country’s ambassador to Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Ethiopia and Malawi.

-Appointed as a permanent representative of her country to the African Union.


-Holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Political Science from the University of Illinois in the United States of America.

-Fluctuated in several administrative positions.

-Appointed as a second advisor at the Rwandan embassy in Washington.

-Appointed as Senior Adviser to Rwanda’s high mission in London.

– Appointed Rwandan Ambassador to Turkey.

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