| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Press Syndicate: Security and Judicial Authorities should reveal the kidnappers of British journalists in the Sothern Suburb.

The Lebanese Press Syndicate issued the following statement:

“The kidnapping of the British journalists in the southern suburb continues to interact locally and internationally, especially in Britain. The Press Syndicate, which strongly condemned this act, would like to confirm the follows:

First – Lebanon, in which everything has collapsed except for the minimum level of freedom, should adhere to all aspects of freedom, especially freedom of opinion verbally and in practice.

Second – All we needed was kidnapping of foreign journalists, to prove to the world the comprehensive deterioration status we are witnessing.

Third – Security and judicial authorities are required to reveal the perpetrators and take maximum measures against them, as this is their direct responsibility.

Fourth –  last but not least, the Press Syndicate will remain a witness to freedom, as it may be the only lung through which Lebanese are still breathing, in these  times of distress and suffocation.