| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Primary Education Contractors: If requirements are not fulfilled, the academic year will not resume

The Primary Education Contractors Committee announced, in a statement today, that “whereas we believe in our educational mission and out of our duty to defend the rights and demands of contractors in formal Primary Education, and because of the social, financial, economic and daily living crisis we are witnessing on a daily basis, whereas there has been no clear plan established by former ministers, the committee decided the following:

There will be no return to public schools unless all of their legitimate demands are met (an increase in the hourly wage of contracting, which is equivalent to the cost of living and inflation rates).

Giving the contractors a daily transportation allowance of 64,000 thousand Lebanese pounds.
Consider the academic year to be 30 weeks rather than 18 weeks, and give all contractors the full contract.
Contractors will receive a free hospital card (hospital admittance) at the Ministry of Public Health’s expense.
Trying to get the banks to release the contractors’ entitlements by withdrawing them all at once.
Not to jeopardize the contractors’ working hours if (a new contract with funds) is used to fill the vacancies.

  • Sawt Beirut International