| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Public administration employees declare open general strike

The Administrative Board of the Public Administration Staff Association issued the following statement:
For more than five months, and the employees of the public administrations, are carrying out a violent and escalating strike, in order to ensure the continuity of the public administration in securing citizens’ affairs.
After their salaries lost 95% of their purchasing power, and their families are prohibited from even dreaming of the minimum necessities of life, food, water, electricity, education, medical treatment and hospitalization, even medicine. And because they have rights, and their work has become forced labor without pay, and because it has become impossible to continue in this situation, they raised their voice, appealed to the consciences, appealed to the state, all the state, but all went in vain.
for all that. We, the administrative body of the Association, and through our press conference held on 10/26/2021, announced that we are facing an open strike if the decision-maker does not initiate solutions to our demands. The decision-makers did not hear or did anything.
Therefore, the administrative body of the Public Administration Employees Association, as it demands all decision-makers, presidents, deputies and ministers, to assume their responsibilities, which constitute the minimum of their basic rights, but rather of their needs, which it summarizes as the following:
Calculation of salaries, pensions and exchange compensation on the basis of the cost of living index, restoring the value of health and social benefits, providing petrol vouchers for employees, decreasing of working hours.
The Association continued that untill their demands are met, they find themselves forced to implement the most difficult decision, which is the strike on Mondays and Tuesdays of the week Next , but work will be normal on Wednesday, which falls on 3/11/2021. Open strike, starting Thursday 4/11/2021