| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Public Works Minister from Cameroon: Preparatory support for Lebanon’s ports is a necessity for the full investment of our petroleum resources

Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh visited today the “Advanced Maritime Transports Company” (AMT) in Cameroon, which is specialized in providing ports with technical and logistical support.

In a statement following his tour, Hamieh explained that this visit comes “pursuant to the strategic vision we have put into practice, which is concerned with activating the public utilities of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, specifically in the Lebanese port sector, which is a vital artery for Lebanon…and in emphasizing its distinguished strategic role through an optimal sovereign investment base for Lebanon’s geographical location on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean…and out of concern for our sacred oil and gas wealth…and in order to ensure maximum proactive preparations through creating a vital functional role for all of Lebanon’s ports, from the port of Beirut in the capital, to all the ports on the northern and southern coasts as well…”

Hamieh added that his visit to “Advanced Maritime Transports” in Cameroon, which specializes in technically and logistically equipping ports, “aims at rendering our ports well-equipped with preparatory services, starting with the stage of oil exploration, and during the development period, up to the stage of extraction, whereby these facilitations will include securing a logistical service on the offshore land, securing all pipes, connections, locomotives, lifting tools, and the presence of berths to receive ships and so on….”

“Preparing the legal, technical and logistical grounds for some of the ports adjacent to our oil and gas fields in all of our exclusive economic waters, is a basic task to keep pace with the stage of exploration for these riches, as this step is vital at the level of the entire country, and serves to fortify Lebanon as a state and as a creative people possessing intellectual energies, material capabilities, and natural resources qualifying them to preserve the country’s economy and strengthen its sovereignly at all required levels,” Hamieh concluded.

  • NNA