| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Qabalan: Lebanon is in dire need for a monetary, financial Taif

Grand Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, stressed in a statement on Sunday, that “the Taif Agreement is a necessity for a homeland, a state, and the end of a war, paving the way for the Lebanese to have a strong start in political reform, with the ultimate goal being the state of citizenship.”

“The Taif is a rescuing necessity that has its aftermath, and its protection begins and ends with the House of Parliament, but the productivity of Taif needs a qualitative constitutional partnership and a leap of reforms, the first of which is the eradication of political sectarianism, as it is a malignant cancerous disease that destroys the body of the nation,” Qabalan added, stressing that “the continuity of the constitutional facility is the greatest constant of the state’s comprehensive concept of constitutional, service and administrative facility.”

“The supreme national interest means a parliamentary presidential settlement, agreement over a president who does not require a miracle,” he said, considering the insistence on vacuum as an “international game” and the warning of economic ruin as an “American propaganda”.

“Lebanon is Arab to the extent of its national interests, for no one has guardianship over Lebanon,” Sheikh Qabalan maintained, noting that “the Arab partnership is at its worst, and the end of history is easier than relying on Lebanon’s surrender through the Washington lobby, which leads a continuous wave of siege.”

He concluded his statement by emphasizing that “Lebanon today is in dire need of a monetary and financial Taif…As for coexistence, it needs no new Taif and the resonant national positions are of no value if they do not contribute to the consolidation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and its constitutional institutions.”

  • NNA