| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Quick parliamentary consultations in Baabda… Here are the results so far!

Binding parliamentary consultations began in Baabda Palace this Thursday morning, to nominate a president tasked with forming the new government , and it is remarkable that it the procedure was quick.

MP Ashraf Rifi boycotted the parliamentary consultations, saying that in light of the system of ruin and the era that is ready to burn the country in the interest of the son-in-law, and that the alliance of arms and corruption is brazenly renewing itself, and it is like Lebanon’s Nero.
He said: “I will remain by the side of all the honest and free sovereigns to save our dear homeland from this system that has enslaved Lebanon and destroyed it. May God protect Lebanon.”

– Representative Elias Bou Saab did not name anyone
– The National Moderation Bloc named President Najib Mikati
– The Kataeb Parliamentary Bloc named Samt Nawaf Salam
– The Independent National Bloc named Mikati
– Representative Taymour Jumblatt named Nawaf Salam on behalf of the Democratic Gathering
– The Projects Association bloc named Mikati
– The Islamic Group Bloc named Mikati
– The Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc named Mikati
– The Northern Confrontation Bloc named Ambassador Nawaf Salam
– The Strong Republic Bloc did not name anyone
– Representative Jamil Al-Sayed did not name anyone
– Representative Fouad Makhzoumi did not name anyone
– Representative Hassan Murad named Mikati
– Representative Jean Taluzian named Mikati
– Deputy Osama Saad did not name anyone
– MP Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri did not name anyone
– MP Michel Daher did not name anyone
– MP Jihad Al-Samad named Prime Minister Saad Hariri
– MP Nemat Afram did not name anyone

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