| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Rafic Hariri Hospital employees, put an end to this farce

The Committee of Employers, Contractors and workers of the “Rafik Hariri Governmental University Hospital” appealed to the Minister of Public Health Firas Abyad to immediately intervene with the necessary stakeholders, to put an end to this farce practiced by some banks so that “we can continue to do our work and provide the required service to our sick families as usual, instead of gathering at the doors of banks to demand our rights.”
The committee also denounced the complete absence of those concerned, and the lack of intervention to stop what some banks are doing to nibble on workers’ rights and entitlements, through their clear violations of the law, and regarding Banque du Liban circular No. 161, which provides for the payment of workers’ dues in US dollars, according to the banking platform of the Banque du Liban “Sayrafa”, in addition to setting a low ceiling to withdrawal other than circular 161, and leave them alone for their own fate.