| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Recycling process for grain in Beirut Port kicked off, say Ministries of Economy and Environment

The Ministries of Economy and Trade and Environment stated that “based on the recommendations of the scientific committee in charge of developing solutions to treat the grains in the port of Beirut, which were left for more than a year after the port explosion, the recycling process has started without imposing any cost on public treasury.”

Two methods will be adopted in cooperation with the French company in charge of treating the landfills of the barns and the municipality of Zahle, and three Lebanese factories specialized in manufacturing compressed firewood, which is composting, and manufacturing compressed wood for heating,

A statement said: “To date, the municipality of Zahle has received 511 tons of grain, and started the treatment process that takes 90 days to produce compost. Another 50 tons were delivered to the Solar Net factory in Bkassine, which will be converted into compressed wood, and 980 tons were handed over to a factory in Brima to convert it into compressed wood, in addition to 1,580 tons delivered to Yamen Factory for Trade and General Contracting in Hammana, which will be converted into compressed wood.”

The statement added that “these grains are neither suitable for human use nor as animal feed, but are exclusively valid for use as fertilizer or heating wood, where compost and pressed wood will be distributed after calculating part of it for the benefit of Zahle Municipality and factories to cover the cost of processing, including fuel.”

  • Sawt Beirut International