| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Returning to school requires further preparations, says Araji

The Head of the Parliamentary Health Committee MP Assem Araji, said that “we do not want to impose strict restrictions and total lockdown due to the stifling economic situation, but citizens and touristic institutions shall adhere to preventive and safety measures.”

Araji added in an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon” that returning to school requires further preparation, mainly securing vaccines for teachers and students so that we do not experience new problems and hurdles.”

Araji said that vaccines are crucial because they would increase the immunity rate by 50 percent, but this is still not enough in light of the spread of the delta mutant.”

Araji confirmed that Covid-19 outbreak can be contained if citizens adhere to the strict preventive and safety measures, such as wearing a mask, keeping physical distance, controlling events, and increasing vaccination rollout.”

  • Sawt Beirut International