| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Rouhani felicitates on anniversary of the liberation of southern Lebanon

Hassan Rouhani congratulated the feast of resistance and the anniversary of the liberation of the south of Lebanon from the forces of the Israeli regime.

He emphasized: “The nature of the Zionist regime, which stems from the aggressive nature, showed that the only way to deal with the aggressors is the resistance of the nation.”

The President’s message to Lebanese President Michel Aoun reads: “Congratulations to His Excellency, the Government and the honorable people of Lebanon on the anniversary of the triumphant and glorious Eid of Resistance and Freedom, which led to the liberation of the south of the country from the invading forces of the Zionist regime through the sacrifice of the resilient Lebanese people.”

He added: “I hope that this path will continue under your leadership until the complete liberation of the Lebanese lands.”

The President stated: “In line with the will of the Lebanese people, the army and the resistance to maintain the unity and defense of their country’s lands, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, has stood by the Lebanese government and people.”

In this message, Rouhani also asked the God Almighty for the health and success of the Lebanese president and the honor and pride of the honorable Lebanese people.

  • NNA