| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Sethrida Geagea tells Lebanese in the Gulf: “We will go to any length to protect your interests”

MP Sehrida Geagea assured “all the Lebanese in Arab nations, particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, that we, as a political party, will do everything possible to maintain their interests and protect them from any vulnerability to them.”

“The ruling majority in Lebanon should think carefully before taking any action that would negatively impact Lebanon and the Lebanese,” she said, “especially since the scattered people play a fundamental and pivotal role today in helping their families in Lebanon to withstand the successive catastrophic crises that afflict the country, especially that Lebanon no longer tolerates new crises.”

“We, as a political party, fully support the position issued in this regard by the Maronite bishops in their monthly meeting, who called on state officials to speed up the restoration of relations with the Gulf states and restore export and import transactions with them,” she said, emphasizing that “history has a path.” It is undeniable that Lebanon was created in the League of Arab States and has always been among the Arab incubators, and it will continue to be in this position since it is its natural place.”

  • Sawt Beirut International