| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Stand in solidarity with Ain El Remmaneh detainees in Tayouneh incidents.. Equality missing.


Number of Ain El-Remmaneh residents staged a stand in solidarity with the Tayouneh incidents’ detainees, in front of the Military Court at ‘Al-Mathaf”, to stand by the detainees and their families.
Simultaneously, the Chiyah Merchants Association – Karm al-Zaytoun, Ain al-Remmaneh and Furn al-Shabbak called on all merchants to close their stores from eight in the morning until 12 in the afternoon.
In this regard, the detainees’ lawyer, Antoine Saad, confirmed that there is inequality in the judge’s treatment with those involved in the Ain El-Remmaneh events file, and accounts have been settled with the assailants.
It is noteworthy that the Tayouneh incidents started with shooting as a number of demonstrators headed to the Adliye area to participate in a vigil, called by both Hezbollah and Amal movement, in front of the Palace of Justice, to demand the departure of the judicial investigative judge in the Beirut port explosion file, Judge Tariq Bitar.
Clashes took place with machine guns and heavy shells for about 5 hours in Al-Tayouneh, which separates Chiah area and “Ain Al-Remmaneh – Badaro” area, and led to the death of 7 people, most of whom belong to Hezbollah.