| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Strong Lebanon allows MPs freedom of choice as to attending plenary session

The Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc issued on Friday a statement in which it said: “After a review of the deteriorating conditions in the country and the state of legislative work accompanying it, and sensing the need for more efforts in order to stop this collapsing path, the bloc (…) urges the Parliament to fully shoulder its responsibilities in this unprecedented crisis in the history of Lebanon.”

“The bloc had submitted a large number of draft laws, some of which were approved and many remained without approval, unjustifiably. The latter, if approved, can bring about the required change; on top of these laws are the capital control law, the law of recovering stolen funds, the law of recovering funds transferred abroad, the law on disclosing the accounts and property of those in public service, and the law on the special court for financial crimes,” the statement read.

What is important for the bloc is to pass these laws to protect the rights of people, gain their confidence, and restore hope to them in building the state.

“As for the reform laws related to fighting corruption and recovering money, the bloc announces the start of a new phase of political and legislative struggle for approval. It will spare no effort to take any of the possible options to that end, including boycotting a session or sessions of Parliament. In this context, the bloc left the freedom of choice for its deputies to either attend the plenary session today or boycott it.”

“Stopping the collapse and allowing the advancement of the country is not only the responsibility of the presidency of the republic and the presidency of the council of ministers, but rather that of the parliament which is asked, during this period, to become a beehive that produces the required laws,” it said.

  • NNA