| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

“Strong Lebanon” bloc excludes Elie Ferizly and he stresses that he was already out since Oct 17 revolution.

Representative Elie Ferzli was informed that he was no longer a member of the bloc. The decision to remove Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli from the “Strong Lebanon” bloc was due to his ambiguous political path in the recent period, on more than one level, and a new group of representatives of the bloc was formed on the WhatsApp application, Without Ferzli being invited to be part of it.

Ferizliy explained in an interview with “Al-Sahm  newspaper”, after reports of being excluded from “strong  Lebanon Bloc of Lebanon” and withdrawing his membership on the background  of his recent statements, that he came out of the bloc a year and a half ago after the revolution of October 17, “but I was saying that I am differentiated and staying aside out of respect for the gentlemen colleagues. This is a simple subject, everyone knows that I have been withdrawn for a long time, and I was not talking about it. I could see old pictures of me being posted at the conglomerate meetings, and I found it flawed to object and ask for my image to be removed out of respect for the past between us or for the old times sake”