| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Strong Lebanon: Measures to provide fuel incomplete as long as borders remain uncontrolled

The Strong Lebanon Parliamentary Bloc discussed, during its periodic meeting headed by MP Gebran Bassil, the legislative session’s schedule, and “took appropriate decisions, including those related to the ration card law to support people in their living needs, and reform laws including the public purchase law,” hoping that “the House of Representatives will persevere in the legislative work to pass all the reform laws related to combating corruption.”

He asked “the central bank’s governance, why is it not obligatory to record all sales and purchases exclusively on the platform,” calling on “the judicial and security agencies to implement the laws in force, and arrest and punish violators.”

Conferees believed that “whatever the financial and administrative measures taken to provide fuel and basic materials to the Lebanese, they will remain incomplete if the security forces do not assume their responsibilities and control the land borders, ports, and airport in order to limit smuggling, especially since smuggling operations are scandalous and are carried out by well-known people, among whom are those who assume political and security responsibilities.”

  • NNA