| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Swedish ambassador tours Tripoli, visits Chamber of Commerce

Swedish Ambassador to Lebanon, Ann Dismorr, toured Sunday the city of Tripoli, having a closer look at its attractions and monuments.

Her tour began with a visit to the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, where she was received by its Director, Linda Sultan, as well as the Director of Quality Control Laboratories, Khaled Al-Omari.

Dismorr was briefed on the Chamber’s internal projects, especially the quality control laboratories and the Industrial Development Center for Agriculture and Food Research, where she was given a detailed explanation of the achievements that have been made and the accreditations that these laboratories have recently obtained from the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Sultan also gave an overview of the investment projects represented by the integrated economic system with its national, regional and international dimensions that guarantee the advancement of all of Lebanon, starting from Greater Tripoli, while drawing the Swedish ambassador’s attention to the Chamber’s smart corner of digital tourism which promotes cultural tourism in the city.

For her part, Dismorr said: “I’m very happy to be in the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli, as I learned from its officials the integrated economic vision, which today is one of the most important visions for the advancement of this region and the transformation of Tripoli into a pivotal city.”

She added: “It was very wonderful to wander around and see the historical monuments and the distinctive architecture of the city, especially the ancient castle, the heritage bath and the markets.”

“As Sweden’s ambassador to Lebanon, I am very happy today to be in Tripoli,” Dismorr concluded.

  • NNA