| 3 October 2022, Monday |

“The budget is a vital step towards reforms, we have other entitlements ahead,” says Mikati

Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced that the government will resume its sessions next week to study and approve the general budget, which constitutes a basic step that the country needs for the regular work of the state.

He added: “We stress the need for everyone to cooperate because ratifying the budget is an essential step on the path to the desired reform.”

Mikati said from the Grand Serail: “We do not forget that we have other obligations, most notably the parliamentary elections, and we will work to secure the necessary frameworks to supervise and manage them effectively and transparently.”

He added: “Today’s occasion, which is the launch of the national strategy for public procurement reform, comes in line with the reform aspirations of our government, which were stipulated in its ministerial statement. These aspirations emerged first from our own will and the desire of the Lebanese society for reform, and secondly with the recommendations of the international community.”

Mikati said: “Reforming the public procurement system in Lebanon is an integral part of the package of basic financial reforms necessary to achieve financial discipline and governance, combat corruption and enhance competitiveness. It is also one of the reforms required by the International Monetary Fund.”

Mikati explained that the path taken by the public procurement reform proves that reforms are possible, and they are in the interest of the citizen and the economy, but require political will.

He added: “This strategy constitutes a starting point for taking the necessary reform measures in a coordinated manner among all concerned parties, and with international partners and donors that I call upon, to help us urgently put this strategy on track.”

He said: “We will work rapidly to complete the necessary steps to issue executive decrees that will activate the work of the two new authorities created by this law, namely: the Public Procurement Authority and the Objections and Law Entitlements Authority from a central electronic platform, training the human cadres, and setting the terms of reference that constitute real tools for a transition in managing public money, and in achieving the required transparency and accountability.”

He concluded: “By joining forces at the national level, we can restore confidence in the work of institutions, provide an incubating environment for business and attracting investors, and enhancing transparency, in order to put Lebanon again on the roadmap of economic growth, development and prosperity.”

  • Sawt Beirut International