| 27 May 2024, Monday |

The Cabinet line-up presented by Hariri to Aoun

Al-Jadeed TV has obtained the Cabinet lineup presented on Wednesday by Prime Minister Designate Saad Hariri to President of the Republic, Michel Aoun.

The list included the following names:

From the Sunni sect:

  • Prime Minister Saad Hariri
  • Walid Abboud for the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities
  • Firas Abiad for the Ministry of Public Health
  • Lubna Mesqawi for Ministry of Justice
  • Nasser Yassin for the Ministry of Environment

On the other hand, Hariri suggested 5 portfolios from the Shi’ite sect:

  • Youssef Khalil for the Ministry of Finance
  • Ibrahim Chahrour to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Maya Kanaan for the Ministry of Labor
  • Abdullah Nasreddine for the the Ministry of Administrative Development
  • Jihad Murtada for the Ministry of Culture

Hariri suggested two Druze including:

  • Abbas Halabi for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • Fouad Hassan for the Ministry of the Displaced

The Christian sect was given 12 seats, 5 of which for the Maronite sect:

  • Fadia Kiwan for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Firas Abi Nassif for Ministry of Telecom
  • Lara Hanna for Ministry of Agriculture
  • Salim Hani for Ministry of Social Affairs

As for Rome orthodox, Hariri named:

  • Joe Sadi Deputy Prime Minister
  • Antoine Chadid for the Ministry of Defense
  • Saade al-Chamy for the Ministry of Economy and Trade

For Rome Catholic Hariri named:

  • Carol Ayat for the the Ministry of Energy and Water
  • Fadi Samaha for Ministry of Industry

For Armenians Hariri named:

  • Karapet Selkhanian for the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Joe Milla for the Ministry of Information.

  • Sawt Beirut International