| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

The Lebanese have the right to know how their lives’ earnings have vanished, says President Aoun

The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, called on the head and members of the National Anti-Corruption Commission who took the legal oath before him after the issuance of a decree appointing them, to assume the responsibilities entrusted to them with impartiality, transparency, sincerity and independence, and not to abide by any party’s demands except what is stipulated by the law and the regulations in force.

President Aoun stated that the Lebanese had waited a long time for the establishment of this body and had placed great hopes in it, calling on the members to be a relatively homogenous working group that prioritizes national interests over all else and pursues corruption cases in accordance with the specific powers of the body in the law of its establishment, promising to work to expedite the issuance of decrees.

He stressed all references to facilitate the work of the commission and overcome all obstacles pointing out that his commitment to fight corruption was one of the priorities that he worked to achieve since the beginning of his reign, but several obstacles were placed in the way from parties that provided protection for the corrupt and prevented an end to their practices that exhausted the state and harmed the interests of the people.

President Aoun considered that the financial forensic audit, which made a great effort to make it a reality, is one of the manifestations of the fight against corruption, so there are many attempts to abort it and prevent it from reaching the desired results that shed light on the real reasons that brought the country to this stage.

President Aoun emphasized that his insistence on achieving practical results in the financial forensic audit stems not from personal considerations and narrow accounts, as those affected by this audit promote, but rather from the Lebanese having the right to know how their funds vanished.

President Aoun assured the commission’s chairman and members of his full support for their efforts, urging them to contact him if they encountered any challenges, hurdles, or pressures while carrying out their responsibilities.

  • Sawt Beirut International