| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

The Lebanese Petroleum Administration calls for the activation of supervisory bodies to prevent monopolies

The Executive Council of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration held a periodic meeting, during which it discussed the developments and conditions of workers, and stopped in a statement when “the state is unable to secure workers’ rights and when amending social security coverage due to the rise in drug prices after lifting subsidies on it, in addition to the reality of the hydrocarbon sector, which suffers what it suffers from as a result of the rise in prices globally, and the total removal of subsidies from it and its connection to the black market dollar, which will be reflected on workers in general and the stations sector in particular.

The conferees called on “crisis dealers not to exploit the citizen, and stressing the activation of control bodies to prevent monopoly and control prices, which inevitably backfires on the working class, which has become the only remaining force in Lebanon after the demise of the middle class, in addition to the severe shortage of electricity and water.”

They also stressed that “the renewed challenges require everyone to face them in a spirit of responsibility and direct intervention by unions for fear of collapse, and to set up an emergency committee and social dialogue between workers and their representatives, employers and the state in order to overcome this crisis.”


  • Sawt Beirut International