| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

This is what Elie Heikal told “Sawt Beirut International” regarding Minister Fayyad’s response on Zouk factory’s dangerous materials

Activist Elie Heikal spoke about the next stage, after he was being pursued after the “shoved” incident, which he committed against Energy Minister Walid Fayyad, while he was staying up at a restaurant.

Heikal said: “As for the issue that happened between me and Minister Fayyad, it is not a personal matter, but Minister Fayyad has to bear more responsibility. I will certainly bear the responsibility and will not escape from the judiciary because of my belief in the state and the judiciary.”

Heikal sent a message to the people accused of bombing the port of Beirut and those concerned, and some important ones decided to run again for Parliament, “You are shameless.” Come down and comply with the judiciary, to this extent you are cowards, do not recognize the state, and accuse us of thugs!!”

Heikal addressed Minister Fayyad by saying: “I told you yesterday that there are dangerous materials inside the electricity plant in Zouk, and I asked you to go down, as you are the minister, but your answer was that you are a minister of guardianship and not a minister who has a decision … and this is not a response.”

For the Lebanese people, “the children who died are victims of the entire political class, and the minister is responsible, because those who died were living on oxygen machines, and the smuggling was cut off, so he does not bear responsibility. He should not put himself in this place, and the word of a guardianship minister means that he only receives orders.” !

Heikal concluded by saying, “When the nitrates are removed, I will be the one to come down and comply with the court, and I am ready for anything.”


  • Sawt Beirut International